Improving SPS capacity in the Penja pepper value chain

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Improving SPS capacity in the Penja pepper value chain

Penja pepper is the first Geographical Indication (GI) of sub-Saharan Africa. The soil characteristics and climate of the GI make Penja pepper unique and attractive in international markets. The penja pepper GI is also widely reputed for its impact on sustainable development: for example, between 2011 and 2012 producer incomes in the penja pepper GI had tripled. Non-compliance with international SPS standards however lowers the quality of the pepper and creates a barrier to market access, poses a risk to the sustainability of the GI, and can affect the livelihoods of producers in the value chain.

This project will analyse the SPS issues affecting the production and export of penja pepper. It will develop training materials and roll out technical assistance to enhance the application of good practices throughout the penja pepper value chain. The project will also strengthen local knowledge sharing, coordination and public-private dialogue across penja pepper production areas. Attention will also be given to laboratory testing and drying methods. The objective is to improve the quality, production and export of penja pepper, to maintain and diversify exports, and improve the livelihoods of producers in the value chain.

The project was developed through an STDF PPG (STDF/PPG/593) based on research and in-depth consultations with the public and private sectors in Cameroon.

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Europe-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Liaison Committee (COLEACP)
Ministry of Trade, Cameroon
Penja Pepper Geographical Indication Group
Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts of Cameroon