Laboratory biosecurity classification system and registration

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Laboratory biosecurity classification system and registration

In Guatemala, many government, academic and private laboratories were unable to perform tests due to lack or low quantity of samples.  Samples are being rejected, lost or confiscated by customs based on misinterpretation of risk assessments or technical information sheets. There is a lack of appropriate procedures to approve the import of laboratory samples and supplies. The process to request permission to import laboratory samples is also very demanding for many stakeholders who consequently tend to perform the tests outside of the country.

This PPG aims to develop a project proposal aiming to establish a lab sample import system based on risk categories. Laboratories will be classified and registered as importers or quarantine zones by quarantine authorities, so that samples aren't kept at customs premises and safety is assured for all parties involved.

The system will be designed to increase biosecurity, to simplify importing procedures and to facilitate the accreditation of laboratories including their methods. This will increase the competiveness of agriculture and food production in the country.

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Asociación Guatemalteca de Exportadores (AGEXPORT), Guatemala