Facilitating e-veterinary certification based on single window system

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Facilitating e-veterinary certification based on single window system

This project aims to assist developing countries to better engage in international animal and animal products trade by facilitating their understanding of e-veterinary certification and its implementation. This will lead to a better coordination of veterinary services with their counterparts of plant health, food safety and customs authorities and to catalyse their efforts towards establishing single window systems.

More information about the findings of the project and the final report is availabe here

Implementing e-certification can be challenging particularly in developing countries where it can be technically complex and financially heavy. The e-certification is not commonly used in the animal health area and the understanding of its implementation among veterinary services is still limited. Guidelines are being developed on the other hand in the food safety and plant health areas.

In 2014, the OIE updated its Chapters on Certification Procedures to align with similar standards of the IPPC and Codex. In 2016 and 2017, during the 84th and 85th OIE General Session Meetings, OIE Members expressed the need for more concrete guidance and support from the OIE for establishing e-veterinary certification systems that would improve their participation in the international trade.

This project will explore the way to harmonize and simplify the practice and therefore help Member countries, especially those with limited resources, to make the greatest use of e-veterinary certification in conjunction with the use of their single window systems. 
Expected Results 
Development and implementation of a survey among interested Member Countries

A survey will be conducted in order to map out the issues necessitating analysis on whether e-certification and single windows should be introduced. This will also enable to report the state of play of the application of e-veterinary certification and single windows, which will also point out the challenges and needs encountered among Member Countries.

Research of on-going work on e-certification in other SPS areas and analysis of the commonalities and differences

Standards, guidelines and recommendations developed by IPPC, Codex and other international organizations will be analyzed. This process will also include findings from the on-going STDF project PG/504: Enhancing safe trade in plants and plant products . Commonalities and differences between other SPS areas and veterinary certifications will be highlighted and possible ways to make use of the experience in the non-veterinary areas will be investigated.

Development of recommendations and plan on how to move forward

A Steering Committee will develop the necessary recommendations for veterinary services on how to prepare for e-veterinary certification. The Committee will also provide recommendations for partners, including the OIE, and for potential donors on how to better assist Member Countries.
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