Strengthening Bhutan's border inspection and control capacities

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Strengthening Bhutan's border inspection and control capacities

Bhutan recognizes the need to have an effective SPS control system, including inspection and certification programmes at the border, to protect consumers, animals, and plants against SPS risks while fostering international trade and promoting market access. The purpose of this PPG was to design a project proposal to build capacity and improve Bhutan's SPS control system with a focus on border measures, including border inspection, testing, and certification processes for imports and exports. 

As part of the PPG, the governance and organizational structure of SPS measures in Bhutan were assessed to provide an overview of SPS implementation. A review of legislations, technical regulations, guidelines, protocols, and standards was carried out to identify gaps and non-conformities with the requirements of international standards and guidelines. Additionally, a detailed assessment of the technical capabilities and procedures related to the implementation of SPS measures in Bhutan was conducted to identify gaps and assess priority needs.

The PPG's objective was to develop a project proposal that employed an innovative and cross-cutting approach, fostering collaboration among national stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. The PPG aimed to promote the harmonization of SPS measures across borders and leverage opportunities for cooperation with other donors and implementing partners. Notably, the PPG aimed to integrate gender and environmental considerations into trade facilitation reforms, making it a vital initiative to effectively address Bhutan's challenges related to SPS compliance and border management.

An STDF project grant for Bhutan was approved in November 2023. The project aims to improve Bhutan's border management ecosystem to tackle SPS compliance issues and procedural obstacles at, behind and beyond its borders. More information on this project can be found here.

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Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA)