Remote inspection practices in food safety for improved trade

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Remote inspection practices in food safety for improved trade

This project aims to investigate current practices and the potential for remote inspection of food products to help define best practices and possible guidelines for food regulators. These best practices will be piloted in the fisheries sector in Cambodia and the horticulture sector in Kenya.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments and their economies to either slow down or temporarily lock down their operations, which has in turn encouraged them to identify new solutions through the deployment of information and communication technologies. As a result, remote inspections and audits have appeared as possible solutions to ensure that food business operators are able to gain the required licenses to operate and export and thus avoid further damage in the food sector and its related value chains.

Given the new world we live in, countries will need to consider how remote inspection and auditing might impact their import and export practices, and at the same time develop best practices for regulators and auditors to ensure the integrity and acceptance of the provided documentation as well as continued food safety compliance practices.

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