Improving the implementation of food safety standards in Saint Lucia

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Improving the implementation of food safety standards in Saint Lucia

The purpose of this PPG is to prepare a project proposal to enhance the national food safety system and the capacity of MSMEs to meet food safety standards. This will improve access to existing and potential regional and international markets. The focus will be on sea moss, an export product with increasing global demand. It is expected that the resulting project proposal include training on food safety standards, hazard analysis critical control point systems, and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to enhance the capacity of farmers, producers and traders to meet international food safety standards. 


Saint Lucia's key agricultural products include sea moss, honey, coconuts, cocoa, and various fresh fruits and vegetables such as bananas, breadfruit, plantains, and soursop. The country benefits from duty-free and quota-free market access to several high-value markets, including the United States, Canada, the EU, the United Kingdom, and neighbouring Caribbean islands in CARICOM. This access is enjoyed primarily by large manufacturers in the country's agro-processing sector. Other agro-processors, specifically Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with export potential, cannot access these markets due to their inability to meet the SPS requirements of the importing countries, particularly those regarding food safety standards. 

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