Beyond Compliance: Risk Management to meet import requirements and facilitate market access

A side session on the "Beyond Compliance" project, organised under a collaboration with the STDF, was held at the WTO in October 2013. The goal of the session was to use specific case studies of Integrated System Approaches for pest management in participating countries. The session opened a floor to three presentations prepared by beneficiaries of the Project:

  • The presentation on risk management system and its application on market access requirements in South East Asia
  • The presentation on improved banana production chain in Philippines and its impact to the access to continental US market
  • The presentation of the case study from Thailand on the good practice of exportation of orchids to the EU  

Invited speakers have represented National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs), such as Plant Quarantine Service in Philippines, Plant Protection R&D Office in Thailand and Center for Environmental Policy in the UK. All three presentations emphasized the importance of critical thinking and more analytical approach to decision making while selecting an innovative System Approach for pest risk management. The session itself became a successful following-up activity that encouraged further transfer of experience and sharing of knowledge, acquired through the realisation of integrated pest management systems in the South East Asian context.    

Another side session on System Approaches and Tools was hosted by the IPPC Secretariat and Capacity Development Committee on April 1, 2014. Speakers from The Imperial College in London and the Plant Protection Research and Development Office in Thailand reflected on the project methodology and recent developments plant health initiatives. More information about the side session can be found on the IPPC website.

Risk management system and the market access in South East Asia

The objective of the presentation is to provide an overview of the "Beyond Compliance" Project and show how its objective of enhancing competency and confidence in application a System Approach to the plant health was addressed by National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs).

Banana production chain and in Philippines and its exportation to continental US market

The presentation of the case study demonstrated how its objective to implement a structured and systematic approach to identify risk management measures strengthened the banana production chain.

Thailand case story of orchids export to the EU  

The presentation of the case study that employed the Bayesian Network (BN) to identify key control points and alternative measures in order to generate the effective model to meet EU’s phytosanitary requirements.