SPS platform for the Pacific

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SPS platform for the Pacific

While various SPS capacity building programmes and projects have delivered results in the Pacific region, SPS risks present an ongoing challenge, with consequences for trade, economic development and food security. Opportunities exist to promote a collaborative and regional approach to strengthen SPS capacity, to improve SPS performance and sustainability. 

This PPG was requested by the Pacific Community (SPC). It is being implemented by KALANG Consultancy Services, in close collaboration with SPC. The purpose is to carry out a scoping study to analyse and propose options to create a regional SPS Service Support Platform for the benefit of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). Based on this preliminary work and analysis, a project proposal for a regional SPS Service Support Platform will be formulated. 

The scoping study will be based on extensive consultations with diverse stakeholders in the region and beyond, including government authorities, the private sector, academia and research, donors and relevant regional and international organizations. It will address aspects related to establishment and operation of a regional SPS platform, including its mandate, scope, scale, legal basis, users, business case and financial sustainability, partnerships, sustainability, etc. Close attention will be given to learn from relevant experiences elsewhere (including a Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence in East Africa, established with STDF support) and to identify and ensure synergies with other relevant initiatives in the region, including the Pacer Plus Trade Agreement.

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