Measuring spillovers of trade-related food safety projects

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Measuring spillovers of trade-related food safety projects

The PPG will be used to develop a project to identify and analyze the spillover effects of export-oriented capacity building programmes on domestic food safety. The aim is to identify key lessons, experiences and recommendations to improve the design and delivery of future trade-related programmes.

Work under the PPG will include desk research and analysis to take stock of any relevant literature and existing work, as well as a small technical working meeting of experts to discuss the proposed project and spillovers study in detail (including aspects related to its scope, methodology, implementation, etc.). A project proposal will be produced, based on the preparatory desk research and analysis, as well as inputs received from the technical working meeting.

There are synergies between this PPG and an ongoing study by the World Bank Group on "Strengthening the Case for Food Safety Investments". Work under the PPG is expected to feed into and inform the larger World Bank Group study, which is synthesizing the evidence base regarding the economic impacts of foodborne hazards for developing countries, and  the cost effectiveness of different types of investments in food safety systems.

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Michigan State University (MSU), USA