Good practice

As part of its objective to enhance coordination in SPS-related technical assistance, the STDF analyses and disseminates information on good practice in the provision and receipt of SPS-related assistance.

Research on good practice in SPS-related technical assistance

The STDF and OECD carried out joint research in 2008 in three regions – Central America, East Africa and the Greater Mekong Delta Sub-Region – to identify good practices in SPS-related technical assistance that could be replicated more widely

The research was based on responses to a survey (G/SPS/GEN/816 and Add.1), which requested WTO Members and OECD contact points to nominate SPS-related projects in the three regions that could be considered as examples of good practice. Interviews were subsequently carried out with project beneficiaries and partners to seek their views on good practice aspects in the identified projects.

The findings of the good practice research are summarized in an overview and synthesis paper. Detailed information on the findings in each region is also available:

Workshop on good practice in SPS technical cooperation – 2008

The findings of the STDF/OECD research on good practice in SPS-related technical cooperation were presented at a workshop, organized in collaboration with the WTO Secretariat, in Geneva on 6 October 2008. The workshop was attended by some 250 delegates to the SPS Committee including 60 persons funded by the WTO Secretariat and the STDF.

The workshop provided an opportunity to consider the Paris Principles in the context of the highly technical area of SPS-related technical cooperation, and considered how to maximize the positive impact on trade performance of SPS-related technical assistance. Detailed information on the workshop – including the programme, presentations, podcasts of discussions and a summary report – is available on the WTO SPS gateway.

See the Summary Report of the meeting and the Final Report for more information.

See the STDF Briefing summarizing the key findings of the STDF survey on good practice and highlights major conclusion of the workshop.