Transboundary animal diseases in Cameroon

Strengthening the control of transboundary animal diseases in Cameroon

20 MARCH 2019, WTO
ROOM D, 14:30 to 15:30hrs

Animal diseases can have a major impact on trade and food security. The Republic of Cameroon set its objective to be a major exporter of livestock products in its Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (2010-2020). This required improving the quality of meat products placed on the market and reducing the risk of transboundary animal diseases. Against that background, the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries of Cameroon requested STDF support.

From 2012 to 2015, an STDF project, implemented by FAO, supported the Government of Cameroon in the development of strategies to combat and control four animal diseases which affect livestock production in the country (STDF/PG/336). Four strategic plans were developed to control four major and endemic animal diseases (i) foot and mouth disease, (ii) peste des petits ruminants, (iii) African swine fever, and (iv) Newcastle disease. The operationalisation of these plans required resources and investments, local coordination and engagement of all stakeholders in the country.

This STDF information session looked into the following:
  1. The outputs, impact and recommendations of the STDF project on animal health, production and compliance with standards to facilitate market access and trade in Cameroon
  2. How to facilitate the investments required and operationalisation of the disease control strategies in the country
  3. Opportunities to scale-up control measures in other countries or regions where similar threats affecting livestock, market access prevail


Opening Remarks: Mr. Juteau DEADJUFO TOUSSE, Premier Conseiller, Mission permanente de la République du Cameroun auprès de l'OMC

Panel Discussion:

  • Ms. S. COULON, External Evaluator for STDF/PG/336. (Presentation S.Coulon)
  • Mr. Juteau DEADJUFO TOUSSE, Premier Conseiller, Mission permanente de la République du Cameroun auprès de l'OMC. (Presentation C.Ndongo)
  • Mr. Julio PINTO, Animal Health Officer, FAO LOG/Animal Production and Health Division. (Presentation J.Pinto)

: Mr. Simon PADILLA, Economic Affairs Officer, STDF Secretariat