Using P-IMA to prioritize SPS Capacity Building options in Namibia 

USAID is collaborating with the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Wildlife Conservation Society to use the P-IMA tool to incorporate social and environmental criteria into a cost benefit analysis focused on the development of commodity-based exports of beef from the East Caprivi region of Namibia. In this context, the P-IMA tool was modified slightly to be able to analyse and rank various scenarios within a single capacity building option.

The work involves all concerned stakeholders in Namibia including the ministries directly involved (agriculture, environment and tourism), the private sector, conservationists and cattle owners directly affected (the latter are being directly consulted in February 2013).

In order to overcome data gaps, a significant effort is being made to gather and generate the data needed to inform the analysis. This process involved short-term technical assistance (approx. 4 months), the review of over 700 reports and peer reviewed papers, and six specially researched "mini reviews" on various criteria used in the analysis. 

MCDA Namibia CBT Approach to Beef Exports.