Ref #TitleBeneficiariesRegionSectorStart DateStatusBudget (US$)Details
STDF/PG/682Piloting the use of vTPA Programmes to improve Food Safety outcomes in Central America Belize, HondurasLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety12/10/2020 On-going 942,612View
STDF/PG/681Mitigating trade barriers due to high cadmium levels in cacaoColombia, EcuadorLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/09/2020 On-going 617,999View
STDF/PG/665Piloting the use of vTPA Programmes to improve Food Safety outcomes in West AfricaMali, SenegalAfricaFood Safety12/10/2020 On-going 858,065View
STDF/PG/634Pesticide Residue Mitigation Through the Promotion of BiopesticidesBangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet NamAsia-PacificFood Safety20/02/2020 On-going 1,269,603View
STDF/PG/619Safer spices: food safety and market access for peppercornCambodia, Lao PDR, Viet NamAsia-PacificFood Safety01/10/2020 On-going 917,846View
STDF/PG/611Improving the Safety of Smoked Fish MaliAfricaFood Safety Awaiting 855,825View
STDF/PG/609Facilitating e-veterinary certification based on single window systemDeveloping countriesAnimal Health01/07/2018 Completed 200,748View
STDF/PG/606Mainstreaming SPS investments into CAADP and other frameworksEthiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, UgandaAfricaGeneral SPS17/07/2018 On-going 502,425View
STDF/PG/593Improving SPS capacity in the Penja pepper value chain CameroonAfricaFood Safety15/10/2019 On-going 814,238View
STDF/PG/578Online inspection, control and surveillance system for food of animal originCosta RicaLatin America and CaribbeanAnimal Health15/12/2017 On-going 242,904View
STDF/PG/569 Enhancing capacity for food safety management in the Kyrgyz fruit and vegetable industryKyrgyz RepublicAsia-PacificFood Safety01/01/2020 On-going 746,210View
STDF/PG/567Pest free areas to support fruit production and exportsMozambique, South AfricaAfricaPlant Health01/09/2020 On-going 2,925,941View
STDF/PG/566Reduction of aflatoxin contamination in maize in Burkina FasoBurkina FasoAfricaFood Safety01/05/2019 On-going 845,862View
STDF/PG/553Expanding cocoa trade Papua New GuineaAsia-PacificFood Safety01/09/2018 On-going 859,234View
STDF/PG/543Enhancing the capacity of the fruit and vegetable sector to comply with phytosanitary requirements for export to global marketsUgandaAfricaPlant Health01/02/2019 On-going 882,726View
STDF/PG/534Animal identification and registration systemMongoliaAsia-PacificAnimal Health15/05/2019 On-going 522,098View
STDF/PG/521Laboratory capacity building to support fish exports Solomon IslandsAsia-PacificFood Safety01/06/2017 On-going 508,336View
STDF/PG/517Strengthening the spice value chain and improving market access IndiaAsia-PacificFood Safety15/10/2019 On-going 892,030View
STDF/PG/515Honey chain traceability GuatemalaLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety15/12/2015 Completed 105,244View
STDF/PG/504ePhyto: Enhancing safe trade in plants and plant products Developing countriesGlobalPlant Health15/12/2016 Completed 1,728,000View
STDF/PG/503Rolling out a systems approach globally Developing countriesGlobalPlant Health01/07/2018 On-going 771,186View
STDF/PG/502Rolling out phytosanitary measures to expand market accessArgentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, UruguayLatin America and CaribbeanPlant Health01/11/2015 Completed 1,796,998View
STDF/PG/498Strengthening of the phytosanitary system in GuineaGuineaAfricaPlant Health01/10/2019 On-going 847,959View
STDF/PG/495Accreditation of diagnostic tests for animal diseases Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, PanamaLatin America and Caribbean01/03/2016 On-going 1,238,118View
STDF/PG/489Improving market access for small scale fisheries in West Africa Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mauritania, SenegalAfricaFood Safety01/09/2015 Completed 1,335,000View
STDF/PG/486Improving compliance with SPS measures to boost oilseed exportsMyanmarAsia-Pacific17/08/2015 Completed 977,658View
STDF/PG/481 Strengthening phytosanitary capacity for plant exportsZambiaAfricaPlant Health01/11/2018 On-going 629,697View
STDF/PG/477Improving sanitary capacity to facilitate livestock and meat exports EthiopiaAfricaAnimal Health01/07/2018 On-going 875,020View
STDF/PG/460Implementation of ISPM 15 (International wood packaging standard)Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, MozambiqueAfricaPlant Health01/02/2015 Completed 297,661View
STDF/PG/447Enabling market access for agricultural products through improved food safety systemsTajikistanAsia-PacificFood Safety01/04/2018 On-going 1,053,196View
STDF/PG/436Strengthening capacity in Latin America to meet pesticide export requirementsBolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, PanamaLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/10/2013 Completed 1,195,416View
STDF/PG/435Upgrading the Sudanese Sesame seeds value chainSudanAfricaGeneral SPS01/10/2018 On-going 1,281,189View
STDF/PG/432Promoting IT solutions for surveillance and pest reporting Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Viet NamAsia-PacificPlant Health01/12/2016 On-going 1,705,455View
STDF/PG/401Developing a network of PCE facilitatorsDeveloping countriesGlobalPlant Health01/04/2014 Completed 1,194,404View
STDF/PG/381CocoaSafe: SPS capacity building and knowledge sharing on cocoa in South East Asia Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New GuineaAsia-PacificFood Safety01/11/2013 Completed 945,279View
STDF/PG/375Strategy to strengthen Togo's SPS systemTogoAfricaGeneral SPS01/11/2018 On-going 827,294View
STDF/PG/365Evidence-based approach to prioritize SPS investments BelizeLatin America and CaribbeanGeneral SPS08/01/2012 Completed 30,000View
STDF/PG/359Strengthening capacity in Africa to meet pesticide export requirementsGhana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, UgandaAfricaFood Safety01/05/2013 Completed 1,064,450View
STDF/PG/358Improving veterinary legislation Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, PanamaLatin America and CaribbeanAnimal Health01/05/2013 Completed 574,330View
STDF/PG/354Improving the safety and quality of fruits and vegetables Sri LankaAsia-PacificGeneral SPS01/03/2013 Completed 826,096View
STDF/PG/350Capacity building tools for IPPC standardsDeveloping countriesGlobalPlant Health01/02/2012 Completed 822,000View
STDF/PG/346Breaking barriers, facilitating tradeEgypt, Kenya, Malawi, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, ZimbabweAfricaGeneral SPS01/11/2014 Completed 1,184,310View
STDF/PG/345Regional Feed and Food Safety ProgrammeArgentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, UruguayLatin America and CaribbeanGeneral SPS14/02/2014 Completed 2,489,526View
STDF/PG/344Improving food inspection through a virtual schoolBelize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, PanamaLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/07/2012 Completed 1,534,294View
STDF/PG/343Enhancing capacity in the cinnamon value chainSri LankaAsia-PacificFood Safety01/07/2012 Completed 2,205,600View
STDF/PG/337Strengthening capacity in ASEAN to meet pesticide export requirementsASEAN member statesAsia-PacificFood Safety01/12/2012 Completed 1,242,000View
STDF/PG/336Strengthening the control of transboundary animal diseases CameroonAfricaAnimal Health01/06/2012 Completed 1,342,344View
STDF/PG/335Improving phytosanitary controls to boost flower exportsUgandaAfricaPlant Health01/10/2012 Completed 427,017View
STDF/PG/329Public-private partnerships to promote ginger exports NepalAsia-PacificGeneral SPS07/06/2012 Completed 1,262,144View
STDF/PG/328Beyond Compliance: Integrated systems approach for pest risk managementIndonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Viet NamAsia-PacificPlant Health11/07/2011 Completed 904,686View
STDF/PG/326Boosting safe fruit and vegetable exportsThailand, Viet NamAsia-PacificFood Safety01/01/2011 Completed 719,275View
STDF/PG/321Building trade capacity of small-scale shrimp and prawn farmers BangladeshAsia-PacificFood Safety01/04/2012 Completed 823,800View
STDF/PG/319Strengthening food safety risk assessmentColombiaLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/02/2011 Completed 1,023,620View
STDF/PG/318Managing contaminants in food exportsEcuadorLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/12/2010 Completed 628,791View
STDF/PG/316Strengthening phytosanitary border controlsAzerbaijanAsia-PacificPlant Health01/09/2014 Completed 3,250,000View
STDF/PG/313Expanding the initiative to control fruit fly in West Africa West AfricaAfricaPlant Health01/04/2010 Completed 848,469View
STDF/PG/303Total diet study for Sub-Saharan AfricaBenin, Cameroon, Mali, NigeriaAfricaFood Safety01/04/2014 Completed 1,333,853View
STDF/PG/302Making cabbage production safe and competitiveSenegalAfricaGeneral SPS01/02/2012 Completed 636,175View
STDF/PG/300Using online tools to build food safety knowledgeGhanaAfricaFood Safety01/12/2010 Completed 410,732View
STDF/PG/298Mitigating the harmful effects of pesticide residues in cocoa in AfricaCameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, TogoAfricaFood Safety01/01/2011 Completed 5,377,569View
STDF/PG/287Improving transparency on fruit fly control GlobalAfricaPlant Health01/06/2009 Completed 136,500View
STDF/PG/284Strengthening the national SPS committee HondurasLatin America and CaribbeanGeneral SPS01/07/2010 Completed 342,355View
STDF/PG/283Supporting SPS risk assessment in the mango sector MaliAfricaFood Safety15/05/2010 Completed 528,021View
STDF/PG/259Strengthening SPS capacities for trade Viet NamAsia-PacificGeneral SPS01/03/2010 Completed 641,470View
STDF/PG/255Regional initiative to control fruit fly in West AfricaWest AfricaAfricaPlant Health01/04/2009 Completed 694,540View
STDF/PG/246SPS action planCambodiaAsia-PacificGeneral SPS20/04/2009 Completed 199,360View
STDF/PG/242Strengthening SPS systemComorosAfricaGeneral SPS17/09/2012 Completed 1,321,075View
STDF/PG/238HACCP certification for processed foodsGuatemalaLatin America and CaribbeanFood Safety01/02/2010 Completed 588,652View
STDF/PG/230Pest-free areas for coconut lethal yellowing disease MozambiqueAfricaPlant Health01/07/2009 Completed 404,711View
STDF/PG/173Assessing food safety capacity needsAPEC member economiesGlobalFood Safety01/08/2007 Completed 192,000View
STDF/PG/172Expanding sesame seed and shea nut butter exports NigeriaAfricaFood Safety01/10/2010 Completed 545,040View
STDF/PG/171Regional Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence KenyaAfricaPlant Health26/05/2008 Completed 851,240View
STDF/PG/170SPS Capacity Building NepalAsia-PacificGeneral SPS01/04/2008 Completed 424,698View
STDF/PG/155Market oriented training on standards NicaraguaLatin America and CaribbeanGeneral SPS01/06/2010 Completed 764,644View
STDF/PG/146Strengthening phytosanitary controlsMaliAfricaPlant Health01/01/2007 Completed 595,800View
STDF/PG/145Rwanda Horticulture Export Standards InitiativeRwandaAfricaPlant Health01/05/2007 Completed 642,545View
STDF/PG/134Expanding fish trade in West AfricaBenin, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, The GambiaAfricaFood Safety01/06/2008 Completed 704,340View
STDF/PG/133Using the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) ToolAsia-Pacific countriesAsia-PacificPlant Health01/08/2007 Completed 287,645View
STDF/PG/127Improving SPS information exchangeBeninAfricaGeneral SPS01/09/2008 Completed 449,365View
STDF/PG/126Horticulture Development Council of TanzaniaTanzaniaAfricaPlant Health01/07/2009 Completed 299,281View
STDF/PG/120Developing regional skills on risk analysis IndiaAsia-PacificGeneral SPS01/11/2006 Completed 110,420View
STDF/PG/116Roll-out of a movement control system for cattle Costa RicaLatin America and CaribbeanAnimal Health01/03/2009 Completed 654,600View
STDF/PG/114Reducing aflatoxins in Brazil nut productionBrazilFood Safety01/06/2006 Completed 826,219View
STDF/PG/108Building SPS institutional capacity in the Americas Latin America and CaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanGeneral SPS01/10/2007 Completed 659,588View
STDF/PG/089Building knowledge on plant health risk analysisDeveloping and least developed countriesGlobalPlant Health01/10/2005 Completed 274,000View
STDF/PG/079Increasing access to information on international standards GlobalGlobalGeneral SPS01/04/2006 Completed 720,000View
STDF/PG/069Improving safety and quality of seafood exportsYemenMiddle EastFood Safety01/08/2007 Completed 545,535View
STDF/PG/065Public-private food safety controls for horticultural exportsGuineaAfricaFood Safety01/12/2005 Completed 572,724View
STDF/PG/062Strengthening food safetyCameroonAfricaFood Safety01/09/2008 Completed 759,968View
STDF/PG/056Roll-out of the Codex code of practice on good animal feeding Developing and least developed countriesGlobalFood Safety01/06/2005 Completed 220,000View
STDF/PG/048Improving food safety in the shea and cashew nut value chainsBeninAfricaFood Safety01/06/2008 Completed 560,539View
STDF/PG/037Roll-out of ISPM 15 in developing and least developed countries GlobalGlobalPlant Health01/11/2004 Completed 362,500View
STDF/PG/020National SPS planningPeru, UgandaGlobalGeneral SPS01/11/2004 Completed 170,862View
STDF/PG/019Engaging SPS stakeholders at national levelParaguay, Sri LankaGlobalGeneral SPS01/12/2004 Completed 291,218View
STDF/PG/015Improving animal health for trade at national and regional levels OIE developing Member CountriesGlobalAnimal Health01/09/2004 Completed 130,614View
STDF/PG/014Capacity evaluation of national veterinary services Latin America and CaribbeanLatin America and CaribbeanAnimal Health01/05/2004 Completed 39,960View
STDF/PG/013Regional strategies on veterinary capacity Djibouti, Ethiopia, MaliAfricaAnimal Health01/10/2006 Completed 329,400View
STDF/PG/010Roll-out of the International Portal on food safety, animal and plant healthTurkey, UgandaGlobalGeneral SPS01/03/2005 Completed 123,400View
STDF/PG/009Risk-based food standardsAsia-Pacific countriesAsia-PacificFood Safety01/03/2005 Completed 97,848View
STDF/PG/005STDF DatabaseDeveloping and least developed countriesGlobalGeneral SPS01/07/2003 Completed 45,100View