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Oct 2016 View

Presentations on One Health:
Information shared by observer organizations: 
Presentations by the STDF Secretariat:
Mar 2016 View

1. Presentation by the World Bank on Trade Facilitation and Border Management, Global Food Safety Partnership and Enabling the Business of Agriculture - Bill Gain
2. EIF/STDF Study on SPS coverage in the Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies - Ambra Gobena  
3. Evaluation of STDF/PG/326 (Market access through Competency Based Education and Training in Horticulture) - Andrew Graffham
4. Update on CABI’s SPS activities and initiatives

Oct 2015   View

1.  Electronic SPS certification for traded agricultural commodities (E-Cert) - Frans Van Diepen
2.  The Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) and related Electronic Phytosanitary Certification (ASYCER) - Dmitry Godunov
3.   The Netherlands' electronic certification system (CLIENT), experiences in dairy trade - Erik Bosker (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)
4.  Argentina case study: phytosanitary electronic certification - Walter Fabián Alessandrini (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria, SENASA)
5. UNIDO Trade Standards Compliance Analysis - Steffen Kaeser (UNIDO)

 Mar 2015 View 1.  Global Food Safey Initiative - Hugo Byrnes
2.  Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) and ITC's Market Access Map - UNCTAD (C.Knebel) and ITC (O.Solleder)
Oct 2014 View 1. Better Training for Safer Food initiative – European Commission (I. Rollier)
2. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
Mar 2014 View 1. Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) - World Bank
2. Cooperation on Trade Standards Compliance - UNIDO & IDB
3. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
 Oct 2013  View 1. Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (BBA) – World Bank (T. Trumbic)
2. Project on Non- Tariff Measures (NTMs) – ITC (P. Mohun)
3. Independent Ex-post Evaluations of STDF projects- STDF Secretariat
 Mar 2013 View  1. SPS-related capacity building assistance - CABI (R. Day)
2. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services- USDA (J. Mahalingappa)
3. Estimating the constraints to agricultural trade of developing countries – OECD (L. Fulponi)
4. Measuring Costs and Benefits of Non-Tariff Measures in Agri-Food- OCED (F.Vantongere)
5. French Agency for Development –  AFD (P. Steinmetz)
 Oct 2012 View  1. PIP, EDES and PAEPARD - COLEACP
2. SPS-related technical capacity building assistance - Australia
3. Phytosanitary Technical Resources webpage - IPPC
4. Streamlining Non-Tariff Measures: A Toolkit for Policy Makers - World Bank
5. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
 Mar 2012  View 1. Presentation on the evaluation of project STDF/PG/145- R. Lopian
2. APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF)-  FDA (J. Moss)
 Oct 2011 View  1. Commodity Based Trading: Economic implications for the Caprivi region in Namibia- D.Naziri
2. Trade Capacity Building Programme- UNIDO (A.Badarneh)
3. Agrifood Standards and Trade- Natural Resource Institute
 Jun 2011 View  1. SPS related activities - KEPHIS (J. Onsando)
2. Integration and Trade Sector activities on SPS related activities – IDB (J. Almeida)
3. Trade Standards Compliance Report -  UNIDO
Mar 2011  View 1. SPS related activities- CBI Netherlands (B. Slob)
2. SPS related activies-  AU- IBAR (S. Noula)
3. STDF/PG/108 Summary – IICA (R. Mollins)
4. Evaluation of STDF Funded projects using Randomized Controlled Trials- V. Pons and F. Schilbach
 Oct 2010 View 1. EDES/COLEACP - Food safety programme for ACP
Jul 2010   View 1. Project on Non-Tariff Measures- N. Mimouni (ITC)
 Mar 2010  View 1. Institutionalizing and Scaling up SPS/Food Safety Capacity through a Food Safety Knowledge Network Pilot in Southeast Asia - Michigan State University
2. Trade Standards Practitioners Network (TSPN)
Dec 2009 View 
Jun 2009  View  1. Capacity Building Tools and the activities of OIE - OIE (Sarah Kahn)
2. SPS-related technical assistance and capacity building activities - European Commission
3. Model Arrangements for SPS Stakeholder Involvement at the National Level - Marius Bordalba
Feb 2009  View 1. Cost-Benefit Analysis and SPS-Related Technical Assistance - Spencer Henson
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