Enhancing multilateral e-veterinary certification in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Enhancing multilateral e-veterinary certification in Latin America and the Caribbean

The overall goal of the project is to increase the level of harmonization and support the adoption of a system to produce and exchange electronic veterinary certificates in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specifically, the project aims to develop a generic electronic veterinary (eVet) certification system for international trade, based on Single Window principles. By examining the current eVet certification situation in the region and sub-regions (Northern, Central, Caribbean, Andean, and Southern), examples of best practices and solutions will be used to develop a generic system for exchanging certificates electronically.


With the entry into force of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, governments and industry partners around the world are actively seeking solutions to move goods across borders more quickly and efficiently. Paperless SPS systems can improve traceability throughout SPS supply chains, lower food waste, cut trade times and costs, reduce fraudulent certificates, and build trust among trading partners. As previously identified by the STDF-funded project STDF/PG/609, there is limited capacity to exchange eVet certificates at the national and international levels. 

The livestock sector accounts for 46% of Latin America's agricultural gross domestic product and has grown at an annual rate of 3.7% (1.6% higher than the average global growth rate). Electronic certification is increasingly being used to streamline the exchange of data from the competent authority of the exporting country to its counterpart in the importing country. Implementing eVet certification can be challenging, particularly in developing countries, where it can be technically complex and expensive. However, there is significant interest and room to expand the use of eVet certification in Latin America and the Caribbean, and also in other regions worldwide.

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