Enhancing SPS capacity and market access for Grenadian Soursop exports

Enhancing SPS capacity and market access for Grenadian Soursop exports

This project aims to improve Grenada's SPS capacity and market access for Grenadian Soursop exports and safeguard and improve the livelihoods of all stakeholders in the Grenadian Soursop Value Chain.


Increasing the production and export of soursop has been identified as a priority in Grenada’s National Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2035, due to its significant export potential. Soursop is one of Grenada's largest agriculture exports, improving livelihoods in rural areas especially among smallholder farmers. 

At present, the profitability of the soursop industry in Grenada hinges on maintaining market access to the US -  its largest export market. However the country`s surveillance system needs improvements to trace and contain two main pests - the fruit borer (Cerconota anonella) and the soursop seed borer (Bepratelloides cubense) to ensure continued market access. The system will be improved by pairing phytosanitary interventions with production and value chain interventions resulting in increased exports and possible diversification into new products and markets. 


This project has four expected results:

  1. development and implementation of holistic surveillance and threat response systems
  2. development and implementation of an industry traceability system
  3. improved soursop planting material and the  application of GAPs and orchard management. 
  4. improved industry ability to manage future risks and expand market access.
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Implementing Entities 
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean
Grenada Airports Authority (GAA)
Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS)
Grenada Customs & Excise Division (GCED)
Grenada Ports Authority (GPA)
Ministry of Agriculture Lands and Forestry (MoA) Grenada
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade & Export Development Grenada