Building phytosanitary capacity of cross-border traders in Zambia

Building phytosanitary capacity of cross-border traders in Zambia

Small-scale traders face challenges in complying with phytosanitary requirements, including in formal cross-border trade and inspection processes. These traders usually lack awareness of phytosanitary issues, technical knowledge and financial resources, which adds a burden to formalizing the trade of small consignments. The phytosanitary risks are higher, considering that, when aggregated, the volume of small-scale cross-border trade between Zambia and neighbouring countries is comparable to commercial trade flows.

This PPG will include an assessment of the phytosanitary issues that affect the small-scale cross-border sector to determine specific knowledge gaps and create a baseline for the current phytosanitary capacity. The objective of the PPG is to develop a project proposal that will:

  • improve the capacity and awareness of small-scale cross-border traders on phytosanitary knowledge to comply with phytosanitary requirements; and

  • enhance coordination and communication with the Zambian NPPO in support of monitoring phytosanitary risks in small-scale cross-border trade.


The World Bank Group (WBG) is partnering with the STDF to implement this PPG. The WBG is currently working with Zambian border authorities to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). The WTO TFA focuses on simplifying and improving the predictability and transparency of trade procedures. Part of WBGs work includes improving risk management procedures of border agencies, increasing border agency collaboration, improving access to information through a trade information portal and increasing document digitization through the establishment of a Zambia Electronic Single Window, along with the implementation of electronic phytosanitary certificates (ePhytos) for the trade in plants and plant products. These activities align well with the objectives of this PPG and the improvements can be important factors in advancing legitimate, safe small scale cross border trade. The PPG therefore will support the evaluation of WBG’s current initiatives along with assessing areas where future improvements can be made.

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