ePhyto Webinar: Solutions on safe trade in plants and plant products

What can we do to scale-up e-Cert and why does this matter in the context of COVID-19?
How can ePhyto meet developing countries’ needs to cut time and costs to trade safely?

 23 September 2020

 Webinar Recording

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have adopted measures to facilitate trade, keep goods moving across global supply chains and businesses active across borders. Electronic and digital solutions – including e-Certification – are playing a key role to make this happen.

The ePhyto solution – driving the exchange of electronic phytosanitary certificates – is being led by IPPC under an STDF project, backed by international organizations, donors and industry associations.

As a result of ePhyto, many Governments from around the world, including those of Ghana, Samoa and Sri Lanka together with their private sector – including small businesses – are benefitting from improved transparency, reduced trade costs and quicker trade flows. Over 80 countries are currently using the ePhyto system and 11,000 certificates are now being exchanged every month. It is envisaged that the system could handle up to 100,000 certificates each day.


Keynote speaker


  • Felicia Ansah-Amprofi, Ministry of Food & Agriculture, Ghana
  • Amine Belkhadir, Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, GIZ, Morocco
  • Rose Souza Richards, International Seed Federation
  • Philippe Loopuyt, European Commission
  • Shane Sela, World Bank Group


  • Simon Padilla, Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) Secretariat