Working Group Documents

Date Summary Report Presentations and other documents
Nov 2023
P-IMA Short Introduction - Marlynne Hopper
Jun 2023
Nov 2022


ITC - Managing risk for safe, efficient trade - Victoria Tuomisto & Valentin Nikonov
MUF - Supporting & Strengthening International Collaboration for Specialty Crops - Anna Gore

Jun 2022


STDF Gender Assessment - Ms Ignacia Simonetti
Standards Compliance Analytics (SCA) platformNima Bahramalian
APEC Food Safety Risk Communication Framework and Associated Guidelines - Dr Hong Jin
Internal Assessment of STDF Practitioner Groups

Oct 2021


STDF's 2020 Annual Report
Project Evaluation Presentation for PG 345 - José Ignacio Gómez
Pan-African (PANAF) SPS programme - Iride Boffardi, EU

Mar 2021


Project Evaluation Presentation for PG 401 - Lois Ransom
Design Thinking Presentation - IPPC Secretariat
ITC Activity Update
UNIDO Activity Update
Working Group Survey Responses

Oct 2020 View

STDF MEL Framework and Results Matrix 
Driving better SPS decision making: STDF’s evidence based approach
Working Group Survey Responses

Apr 2020 View

Working Group Survey Responses

Oct 2019 View

Strategy Development Workshop - Nicolas Worms
STDF Indicators - Johanna Polvi

Information Sharing Slides 
Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2019 - Yann Duval and Ralf Peters
IICA's Regional Virtual Food Inspection School - Ana Marisa Cordero
Evaluation of Three STDF Pesticide Residue Data Generation Projects - Andrea Spear

Mar 2019 View

Evaluation of STDF/PG/350 (IPPC training manuals and kits)- Karsten Weitzenegger

Overview of SPS activities
1. ITC

Oct 2018 View

SPS Measures, Gender and Trade - Spencer Henson, ICTSD
Developing National SPS Systems - Kees van der Meer
The Safe Food Imperative: Towards Smarter Investment and Regulatory Delivery - Steve Jaffee & Spencer Henson, WBG
Spillover Effects of Export-Oriented SPS Technical Assistance on the Domestic Food Safety Situation - Leslie D. Bourquin, MSU 

Overview of SPS activities: 
1. AU
4. FAO 
5. ITC
8. Relevant GEN documents submitted to the SPS Committee

Additional Documents: 
FAO/WHO/AU International Food Safety Conference (Feb 2019, Addis Ababa and Apr 2019, Geneva)
Gender and SPS Measures in the Context of Trade: A Review of Issues and Policy Recommendations - Spencer Henson, ICTSD 

Mar 2018 View

Session on Good Practice in the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement,
with specific reference to Single Windows and the role of SPS agencies
1. Sheri Rosenow, WTO TFAF
2. William Gain, WBG
3. John Keyser, WBG
UNIDO Approach on Food Safety Capacity Building - Ali Badarneh
Better Training for Food Safety - Jacky Le Gosles
STDF Working Group Survey - Jens Andersson
Results and lessons from STDF Evaluations- Jens Andersson 

Overview of SPS activities
3. ITC

Oct 2017 View
Mar 2017  View
Use and implementation of international standards
4. FAO
5. ITC
Oct 2016 View
Presentations on One Health
Presentations by the STDF Secretariat
Mar 2016 View

1. Presentation by the World Bank on Trade Facilitation and Border Management, Global Food Safety Partnership and Enabling the Business of Agriculture - Bill Gain
2. EIF/STDF Study on SPS coverage in the Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies - Ambra Gobena  
3. Evaluation of STDF/PG/326 (Market access through Competency Based Education and Training in Horticulture) - Presentation by STDF Secretariat
4. Update on CABI’s SPS activities and initiatives

Oct 2015   View

1.  Electronic SPS certification for traded agricultural commodities (E-Cert) - Frans Van Diepen
2.  The Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) and related Electronic Phytosanitary Certification (ASYCER) - Dmitry Godunov
3.   The Netherlands' electronic certification system (CLIENT), experiences in dairy trade - Erik Bosker (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)
4.  Argentina case study: phytosanitary electronic certification - Walter Fabián Alessandrini (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria, SENASA)
5. UNIDO Trade Standards Compliance Analysis - Steffen Kaeser (UNIDO)

 Mar 2015 View 1. Global Food Safey Initiative - Hugo Byrnes
2. Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) and ITC's Market Access Map - UNCTAD (C.Knebel) and ITC (O.Solleder)
Oct 2014 View 1. Better Training for Safer Food initiative – European Commission (I. Rollier)
2. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
Mar 2014 View 1. Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) - World Bank
2. Cooperation on Trade Standards Compliance - UNIDO & IDB
3. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
 Oct 2013  View 1. Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture (BBA) – World Bank (T. Trumbic)
2. Project on Non- Tariff Measures (NTMs) – ITC (P. Mohun)
3. Independent Ex-post Evaluations of STDF projects- STDF Secretariat
 Mar 2013 View  1. SPS-related capacity building assistance - CABI (R. Day)
2. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services- USDA (J. Mahalingappa)
3. Estimating the constraints to agricultural trade of developing countries – OECD (L. Fulponi)
4. Measuring Costs and Benefits of Non-Tariff Measures in Agri-Food- OCED (F.Vantongere)
5. French Agency for Development –  AFD (P. Steinmetz)
 Oct 2012 View  1. PIP, EDES and PAEPARD - COLEACP
2. SPS-related technical capacity building assistance - Australia
3. Phytosanitary Technical Resources webpage - IPPC
4. Streamlining Non-Tariff Measures: A Toolkit for Policy Makers - World Bank
5. Relevant SPS activities and initiatives  - STDF Secretariat
 Mar 2012  View 1. Presentation on the evaluation of project STDF/PG/145- R. Lopian
2. APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF)-  FDA (J. Moss)
 Oct 2011 View  1. Commodity Based Trading: Economic implications for the Caprivi region in Namibia- D.Naziri
2. Trade Capacity Building Programme- UNIDO (A.Badarneh)
3. Agrifood Standards and Trade- Natural Resource Institute
 Jun 2011 View  1. SPS related activities - KEPHIS (J. Onsando)
2. Integration and Trade Sector activities on SPS related activities – IDB (J. Almeida)
3. Trade Standards Compliance Report -  UNIDO
Mar 2011  View 1. SPS related activities- CBI Netherlands (B. Slob)
2. SPS related activies-  AU- IBAR (S. Noula)
3. STDF/PG/108 Summary – IICA (R. Mollins)
4. Evaluation of STDF Funded projects using Randomized Controlled Trials- V. Pons and F. Schilbach
 Oct 2010 View 1. EDES/COLEACP - Food safety programme for ACP
Jul 2010   View 1. Project on Non-Tariff Measures- N. Mimouni (ITC)
 Mar 2010  View 1. Institutionalizing and Scaling up SPS/Food Safety Capacity through a Food Safety Knowledge Network Pilot in Southeast Asia - Michigan State University
2. Trade Standards Practitioners Network (TSPN)
Dec 2009 View 
Jun 2009  View  1. Capacity Building Tools and the activities of OIE - OIE (Sarah Kahn)
2. SPS-related technical assistance and capacity building activities - European Commission
3. Model Arrangements for SPS Stakeholder Involvement at the National Level - Marius Bordalba
Feb 2009  View 1. Cost-Benefit Analysis and SPS-Related Technical Assistance - Spencer Henson
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