Electronic SPS Certification

Paperless SPS systems can improve traceability throughout SPS supply chains, lower food waste, cut trade times and costs, reduce fraudulent certificates, and build trust among trading partners. STDF work focuses on the increasing use of electronic SPS certificates (SPS e-cert), in the context of paperless trade and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Recent STDF events, and an STDF Briefing, provide the latest updates on SPS e-cert. Worldwide, STDF projects on "e-phyto" and "e-vet" are being led by FAO/IPPC, and the OIE, with support from the World Bank Group, international organizations and industry groups.

ePhyto Webinar: Solutions on safe trade in plants and plant products

virtual discussion took place on 23 September 2020 to discuss how countries are using ePhyto Solution to safely facilitate trade in plants and plant products across borders and find out what the next steps are in sustaining the impact of ePhyto.

SPS Electronic Certification Advisory Committee (ECAC) 

The purpose of the ECAC is to share information on initiatives related to SPS e-Cert and to facilitate linkages and synergies between these initiatives to maximize outputs and reduce duplication. The ECAC is an ad hoc practitioner group established under the auspices of the STDF.

More information about the ECAC is available here.

Briefing - Facilitating safe trade: going paperless with SPS e-certification

A Briefing on paperless SPS systems showcasses e-cert in action in Kenya; the impact on inclusive trade supporting MSMEs; the work of Codex, OIE and IPPC in guiding the way on e-cert, including the e-phyto project funded by STDF.

Background paper on electronic SPS certification in the context of paperless trade

This background paper aims to provide SPS practitioners involved in trade transactions with basic information on the concepts of paperless trade, the role of electronic SPS certification, and how it relates to other trade procedures, noting that SPS certification is one process of many in the end-to-end supply chain process.