Gender mainstreaming

The STDF approaches gender as a cross-cutting theme and aims to mainstream and/or integrate gender analysis and perspectives across STDF's global programme and workstreams including the global platform, knowledge work and projects and PPGs.

STDF Gender Action Plan:

The Gender Action Plan outlines how the STDF global partnership promotes a more inclusive approach to improve the results and impact of STDF's work in facilitating safe trade. It builds on the recommendations of the STDF Gender Assessment, lessons and achievements of work to empower women through STDF projects, and insights from research on gender considerations in SPS capacity building and other gender mainstreaming.

External Assessment of Gender Mainstreaming in STDF'S Work:

This external assessment evaluates how (and to what effect) gender equality is addressed and how gender is mainstreamed throughout the work of the STDF. It draws key findings, conclusions and practical recommendations for improving gender mainstreaming in the future. 

Gender Analysis in STDF projects:

STDF/PG/489 - Improving market access for small scale fisheries in West Africa
STDF/PG/665 - Piloting vTPA programmes to improve public health and trade in West Africa


  • WTO SPS Committee: STDF side event on gender and safe trade facilitation on 13 July 2023
    For more information on the side event, please visit the webinar webpage.