Climate change

The effects of climate change on food safety, animal and plant health risks is a relatively new area of study. However, the evidence from recent studies is clear, climate change is one of several global change factors that are contributing to increased and new food safety, animal and plant risks.


STDF and World Bank Seminar on Climate Change and Agriculture Trade: Risks and Responses - 2009

Climate change and SPS risks were on the agenda at an STDF / World Bank seminar attended by some 100 representatives from international organizations, regulatory and development agencies, research, academia and the private sector in Washington, D.C. on 22-23 September 2009.

The workshop sought to increase awareness about the implications of climate change for SPS risks and what is needed to address the challenges faced. The specific objectives were to:

  • present new research on the relationship between climate change and global trade flows, as well as the implications for food safety, animal and plant health;
  • identify SPS-related challenges posed by climate change; and
  • discuss the implications and priorities for SPS capacity-building

Click here to see the programme and the presentations delivered. 

STDF Briefing Note on Climate Change and Trade

The STDF Briefing Note No. 2 summarizes the main discussions and conclusions emerging from the STDF World Bank Seminar on Climate Change and Agriculture Trade held in 2009.

STDF Publication on Climate Change and Trade: The Link to Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards



This paper seeks to raise awareness about issues related to SPS risks and standards in the context of agri-food trade and climate change. It analyses the scientific understanding of the relationship between climate change, food safety, plant pests, animal diseases and trade, and it identifies and discusses four key areas for future policy consideration, notably risk assessment, SPS capacity in developing countries, climate change resilience and basic research challenges.