The STDF has delivered inclusive, safe trade solutions in key SPS areas through over 85 projects across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean since 2004.

More than 65% of STDF projects and project preparation grants benefit least developed countries and other low-income countries, over and above the 40% target.

Relevance, effectiveness and efficiency are key assets for STDF – highlighted in a 2017 meta-evaluation of external project evaluations. Sector development projects that reach small producers along value chains show a strong contribution to impact and sustainability.

STDF has mobilized over US$25 million in additional resources from governments, donors and the private sector to take forward innovative project models and scale-up impact.

STDF’s coordination, dissemination and project development work on SPS capacity building is highly valuable, according to a 2017 Working Group Survey. STDF’s knowledge hub – including on facilitating trade, e-certification, prioritizing SPS investments and public-private partnerships – continues to inspire collaborative solutions at national and regional level.

Find out more from STDF’s Results book ‘Driving safe trade solutions worldwide’, Annual Reports and STDF's M&E Framework. 

Why join the STDF global partnership

• “Results are impressive and testament to the effective operation of the STDF.”
• Projects are “highly relevant to needs of beneficiaries and to policies of partners/donors.” 
• Coordination forum has “significant value added.” 
• Donors found STDF “allowed them to extend range of technical assistance programs on SPS issues at a fraction of the cost.”