Project Preparation Grants

Ref #sort ascending Title Beneficiaries Start Date Status Budget (US$) Details
STDF/PPG/577 Mitigation and Remediation of Cadmium Contamination in Cocoa Beans Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago 15/12/2016 On-going 85,626 View
STDF/PPG/569 Develop a project to improve food safety capacity in the private sector, including compliance with Codex standards and EAEU regulations Kyrgyz Republic 01/03/2017 On-going 44,790 View
STDF/PPG/567 Maintenance of fruit production areas free and under low prevalence of fruit fly in Southern Areas Mozambique, South Africa 24/07/2017 On-going 40,000 View
STDF/PPG/553 Training of champion coffee and cocoa farmers to adopt good agriculture practices Papua New Guinea 01/10/2016 On-going 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/550 Feasibility study for establishment of a fresh meat producing compartment in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 16/09/2016 Completed 45,000 View
STDF/PPG/548 Strengthening Lao PDR's capacity to gain and maintain market access for fresh fruit and vegetable produce to the EU and other potential markets Lao PDR 10/07/2017 On-going 34,670 View
STDF/PPG/543 Enhancing the capacity of the fruits and vegetable sector to comply with European phytosanitary requirements Uganda 15/03/2017 On-going 35,000 View
STDF/PPG/535 Spillover Effects of Export-Oriented SPS Technical Assistance on the Domestic Food Safety Situation Developing countries 01/03/2017 On-going 75,000 View
STDF/PPG/534 Preparation of a project proposal to develop a pilot animal identification and traceability system in Mongolia Mongolia 04/04/2016 On-going 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/517 Capacity building and knowledge sharing to address SPS issues in spices India 19/12/2016 On-going 35,760 View
STDF/PPG/516 Cost-Benefit Analysis for Establishing a Foot and Mouth Disease Free Zone or Compartment in Tanzania Tanzania 07/09/2016 Completed 48,500 View
STDF/PPG/487 Development of a proposal for a Regional Total Diet Study (TDS) in Latin American and Caribbean Countries Latin America and Caribbean 10/08/2015 Completed 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/481 Strengthening the phytosanitary capacity of the horticulture sector in Zambia Zambia 01/11/2015 On-going 31,380 View
STDF/PPG/477 Improving sanitary capacity and facilitating export of livestock and livestock products in Ethiopia Ethiopia 11/05/2015 Completed 37,500 View
STDF/PPG/462 Operationalization of the Scientific Affairs and Food Control Directorates in The Gambia The Gambia 01/06/2014 Completed 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/461 SPS Service Support Platform for Pacific Island Countries and Territories (SPS Centre of Excellence) Pacific Island Countries and Territories 10/07/2017 On-going 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/457 Global Veterinary Drug Database (GVDD) Global 24/05/2014 Completed 76,250 View
STDF/PPG/453 Building capacity and facilitating enabling mechanisms for harmonizing Aquaculture Certification ASEAN member states 01/06/2014 Completed 48,000 View
STDF/PPG/447 Development of a project proposal to address SPS capacity needs focusing on the national food safety system in Tajikistan Tajikistan 01/10/2015 Completed 40,600 View
STDF/PPG/435 Strengthening SPS compliance of sesame production for enhanced access to international markets in Sudan Sudan 01/06/2015 On-going 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/432 Information systems for surveillance and pest reporting Asia-Pacific countries 15/03/2014 Completed 49,990 View
STDF/PPG/431 Aflatoxin management in chillies in Pakistan Pakistan 01/05/2015 On-going 34,000 View
STDF/PPG/428 Trade and Improved Livelihoods in Aquatic Production in Africa (TILAPIA) African countries 15/04/2014 Completed 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/404 Developing virus indexing capacity for planting materials in Malawi Malawi 01/11/2013 Completed 41,096 View
STDF/PPG/400 Malawi Programme for Aflatoxin Control (MAPAC) Malawi 25/02/2013 Completed 43,680 View
STDF/PPG/392 Integrating SPS: A whole chain approach to developing the national food safety management system in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 01/11/2013 Completed 43,680 View
STDF/PPG/379 Promoting effective participation in the WTO SPS Committee SADC member states 15/07/2013 Completed 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/377 Strengthening the National Plant Protection System in The Gambia The Gambia 01/02/2013 Completed 50,000 View
STDF/PPG/375 Development of a project for the establishment of a National SPS Strategy in Togo Togo 15/06/2016 On-going 38,000 View
STDF/PPG/359 Africa Joint Pesticide Residue Data Generation Project Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda 02/01/2012 Completed 27,750 View
STDF/PPG/346 Feasibility study on the concept of the COMESA Green Pass COMESA members 15/03/2013 Completed 90,000 View
STDF/PPG/345 Feed Safety Regulations in Latin America Latin American countries 01/11/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/344 Establishment of a Regional Food Inspectors School Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama 01/08/2011 Completed 57,413 View
STDF/PPG/343 Establishment of a National Cinnamon Training Academy (NCTA) in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 15/06/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/335 Strengthening the capacity for phytosanitary controls in the floriculture sector in Uganda Uganda 07/02/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/329 Support to Public and Private Sector for SPS Implementation in Nepal Nepal 01/03/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/328 Developing trade opportunities: an integrated systems approach for Pest Risk Management in Malaysia Malaysia 06/08/2010 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/324 Needs assessment and strategy for the development the SPS system in Liberia Liberia 01/07/2010 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/323 Enhancing the Safety and Quality of Agricultural Products in Senegal Senegal 01/03/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/316 Strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services Azerbaijan 01/12/2010 Completed 31,800 View
STDF/PPG/309 Building an SPS management system in Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau 15/03/2010 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/308 Elaborating an SPS Action Plan in Central African Republic Central African Republic 01/07/2011 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/305 Institutionalising SPS for agricultural health and food safety systems in Africa African countries 01/10/2009 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/303 Total Diet Study for Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa 12/10/2009 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/302 Competitiveness of the cabbage sector in the Niayes region in Senegal Senegal 01/10/2009 Completed 25,631 View
STDF/PPG/298 Capacity building programme on pesticide residues and other harmful substances in cocoa in Africa Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo 12/10/2009 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/286 Accessing the US ornamental plant market in Costa Rica Costa Rica 15/05/2009 Completed 30,000 View
STDF/PPG/268 Strengthening SPS-related legislation in Tanzania Tanzania 01/05/2009 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/262 A regional strategy to strengthen veterinary services in Sahel countries Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger 01/12/2009 Completed 19,600 View
STDF/PPG/242 Strengthening SPS capacity in Comoros Comoros 01/02/2009 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/234 Design of a Good Agricultural Practice scheme in Lao PDR Lao PDR 18/08/2008 Completed 18,410 View
STDF/PPG/232 A phytosanitary capacity building strategy for Africa African countries 01/12/2008 Completed 29,000 View
STDF/PPG/223 Strengthening the official food control programme in Moldova Moldova 20/07/2008 Completed 23,265 View
STDF/PPG/221 Improving the competitiveness of suppliers in Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 10/01/2009 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/191 Enhancing national SPS capacity in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 01/01/2008 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/172 Expanding food exports through enhanced SPS capacity in Nigeria Nigeria 01/11/2007 Completed 25,000 View
STDF/PPG/171 Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence (COPE) Kenya 15/04/2007 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/165 Improving SPS controls in fruit production in Madagascar Madagascar 01/02/2008 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/155 Market-Oriented Training Service on Standards Application (MOTSSA) in Nicaragua Nicaragua 01/03/2007 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/127 Strengthening the capacity of the Benin Chamber of Commerce to track SPS-related developments in exports markets Benin 20/11/2006 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/126 Establishment of a horticulture industry organization in Tanzania Tanzania 15/07/2006 Completed 5,500 View
STDF/PPG/116 Establishment of a traceability system for the livestock sector in Costa Rica Costa Rica 01/05/2007 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/113 Survey of food safety needs in Burundi Burundi 01/09/2006 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/105 Implementation of compartmentalization for avian influenza and Newcastle disease in the poultry sector Brazil, Thailand 22/02/2008 Completed 38,286 View
STDF/PPG/103 Rwanda Horticulture Export Standards Initiative (RHESI) Rwanda 15/02/2006 Completed 22,000 View
STDF/PPG/102 SPS constraints and export diversification in Mali Mali 15/03/2006 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/101 Capacity evaluation of the national food control system in Eritrea Eritrea 05/01/2006 Completed 28,690 View
STDF/PPG/100 Strengthening the national food control system for the fisheries sector in Cape Verde Cape Verde 06/12/2006 Completed 27,737 View
STDF/PPG/088 Strengthening SPS human resource capacity in Nepal Nepal 01/01/2007 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/069 Develop a project proposal to strengthen SPS capacity in Yemen Yemen 01/10/2005 Completed 19,700 View
STDF/PPG/066 Strengthening SPS capacity in Mozambique Mozambique 23/05/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/065 Strengthening SPS capacity in Guinea Guinea 01/06/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/064 Strengthening SPS capacity in Djibouti Djibouti 25/05/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/063 Quality control for agricultural products in Benin Benin 15/06/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/062 Develop a project proposal to strengthen SPS capacity in Cameroon Cameroon 09/05/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/061 Strengthening SPS capacity in Cambodia Cambodia 24/04/2005 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/052 Post-harvest contamination in Malawi and Zambia Malawi, Zambia 15/02/2007 Completed 20,000 View
STDF/PPG/046 Implementation of Codex standards in Africa Benin, Tanzania 01/08/2006 Completed 19,000 View
STDF/PPG/038 Agricultural Health and Food Safety Laboratory Needs Assessment for CARICOM Countries CARICOM countries 11/10/2005 Completed 20,000 View