The STDF has delivered inclusive, safe trade solutions in key SPS areas through over 85 projects across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean since it was set up in 2004.

Close to 60% of STDF projects and project preparation grants funding benefit least developed countries and other low-income countries, over and above the 40% target.

Relevance, effectiveness and efficiency are key assets for STDF – highlighted in a 2017 meta-evaluation of external project evaluations. Sector development projects that reach small producers along value chains show a strong contribution to impact and sustainability.

STDF has mobilized additional resources from governments, donors and the private sector to take forward innovative project models and scale-up impact.

STDF’s coordination, dissemination and project development work on SPS capacity building is highly valuable, according to a 2017 Working Group Survey. STDF’s knowledge hub – including on facilitating trade, e-certification, prioritizing SPS investments and public-private partnerships – continues to inspire collaborative solutions at national and regional level.

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Why join the STDF global partnership

"The STDF is responding to the needs of developing countries in its focus on building SPS capacities to enable and unlock trade."
“The STDF and the STDF Secretariat have delivered outputs and results beyond what might be expected given their budget and resources."