Using P-IMA to prioritize SPS Capacity Building options in Mozambique

The P-IMA work in Mozambique took place in April 2011 and was the first application facilitated by the STDF. As such, this was a useful "pilot" and the experiences were valuable to adapt the methodology and process. Representatives from government departments involved in the SPS area, as well as research institutes and academia participated in the P-IMA stakeholder workshops. While efforts were made to engage the private sector, no industry representatives attended the first stakeholder workshop. Direct contacts with the private sector were subsequently used to gather data for the analysis. At the time of the first stakeholder workshop, FAO Mozambique hosted a briefing session to enable the preliminary experiences and results to be shared with donors and development partners.

USAID/USDA provided funds for the STDF Consultant leading the P-IMA work to return to Mozambique to discuss and revise the draft report with national stakeholders, and to deliver training on the use of the D-Sight software. Based on the P-IMA work, USAID approved funds for two of the top-ranked capacity building options.

Findings of MCDA work in Mozambique 2012
Report on Prioritizing SPS Investments for Market Access in Mozambique