Capacity evaluation of national veterinary services

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Capacity evaluation of national veterinary services

The project aimed to develop a tool to help Veterinary Services worldwide to identify gaps in capacity and how to comply with international standards supported by development financing.

A result story on the project is available here.


The potential spread of infectious animal diseases, including zoonosis, poses a threat to global animal and public health, and could have a devastating impact on the economic livelihoods of producers and exporters in developing countries. A country's ability to detect, control and eradicate animal diseases is often linked to the quality of its Veterinary Services. With consumer demand and opportunities for international trade in animal products increasing, there was a need for a common tool to evaluate the performance of national Veterinary Services against internationally recognized standards.


STDF seed funding supported inter-agency dialogue, which led to the development of the OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of Veterinary Services (OIE PVS Tool).By May 2017, 133 OIE PVS Evaluation missions had been carried out worldwide.


Countries can request support as part of the OIE PVS Pathway, which builds on the PVS Tool. The OIE PVS Gap Analysis Toolleads to a detailed strategy using the PVS Evaluation baseline of national livestock sector and veterinary SPS priorities. Findings and recommendations then help to mobilize resources from government or donors.

OIE Members, partners and experts can continue working together on the strategic evolution of the PVS Pathway and keep improving animal health and welfare worldwide as set out in the OIE PVS Pathway Think Tank Forum in April 2017.

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Latin America and Caribbean
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World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)
World Trade Organisation (WTO)
Ecole Nationale des Services Vétérinaires (ENSV)