Improving safety and quality of seafood exports

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Improving safety and quality of seafood exports

Enable the Yemeni Seafood Exporter's Association (YSEA) to develop the capacity of its members to better meet the commercial requirements of SPS measures, thereby improving the quality and safety of seafood products emerging from Yemen.

The Project has also identified three specific objectives:

  • To raise the minimum standard of Yemeni seafood in term of their quality and health in order to reduce the risk sometimes associated with these products and to improve opportunities for value adding
  • To ensure a greater understanding of export market needs and requirements so that Yemeni seafood producers can respond to these markets and maintain the level of competitiveness
  • To enable YSEA to become an effective and proactive organization that provides both the private and public sectors with the information and resources to improve the quality pf their products and ability to access markets overseas



Yemeni Seafood Exporter's Association (YSEA) was established at the beginning of 2005 under the patronage of ministry of social affairs and labour. YSEA's goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange and cooperation among relevant stakeholders as well as increase the scope of studies and research related to exportation activities. 

The Association supports members' affairs in the local side through official authorities of that concern especially the Ministry of fish wealth and fishery cooperative union. Seafood exporting is also promoted, especially in relation to the European Union. 

YSEA has reached out to STDF with a project proposal to improve quality and safety of exported seafood and enhance the market access. 

Expected Results 

The project outputs are anticipated to be the following:

a)    Product risk assessment methodologies tried and tested

b)    Quality standard developed for seafood production processes

c)     Quality mark developed for Yemeni quality standard

d)    Standardised training curricula and delivery approaches

e)     Strategy to address non-tariff barriers and market needs

f)     Interactive database of regulations for key markets

g)     Vision, strategy and business plan for YSEA

g)     Vision, strategy and business plan for YSEA

h)     Update the website and provide information in a timely manner 

  • Invest in a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the non-tariff barriers that govern entry into the key markets
  • Incorporate value-adding exercise in the National Exportation Strategy
  • Develop a facilitation platform on the margins of YSEA to encourage the transfer of expertise of quality assurance and food safety of the fishery sector  
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Yemeni Seafood Exports Association (YSEA)
International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat
International Trade Centre (ITC)
World Bank Group