The following type of projects will be given favourable consideration by the STDF Working Group:

  1. Projects relevant to the identification, development and dissemination of good practice in SPS-related technical cooperation, including projects that develop and apply innovative and replicable approaches;
  2. Projects linked to STDF work on cross-cutting topics of common interest;
  3. Projects that address SPS constraints through regional approaches; and
  4. Collaborative and inter-disciplinary projects focused on the interface / linkages between human, animal and plant health and trade, and benefiting from the involvement of two or more partners or other relevant organizations.

The STDF supports projects whose aim is to achieve compliance with commercial standards only as part of a broader market access strategy, which also fulfils SPS requirements. The STDF does not "officially" endorse commercial schemes or fund projects whose sole focus is on compliance with a commercial standard. The STDF does not fund projects whose main objective is to address environmental or labour standards.

The STDF does not provide funding for buildings, vehicles or other major equipment items, with the qualified exception of information technology, laboratory and minor equipment items that are necessary to achieve the specific outputs and objective of the project. Funding provided for information technology, laboratory and minor equipment items shall not exceed 10% of the total STDF contribution to the project.

The STDF Secretariat provides advice and information about all requirements for submission of applications; and helps beneficiary organizations in identifying and/or developing possible projects in priority areas of interest.