STDF Prioritizing SPS Investments for Market Access (P-IMA) Practitioner Group

Based on the STDF Strategy for 2020-2024, the STDF identified Practitioner Groups on priority topics for safe trade as an opportunity to further develop its global partnership and expand its reach and resources.

The STDF P-IMA Practitioner Group aims to support and improve the planning, delivery and dissemination of STDF's work on P-IMA. The STDF Secretariat convenes members of this Group to identify opportunities to promote the use of P-IMA linked to other ongoing/planned work, encourage innovations and synergies to catalyse resources for SPS capacity building needs prioritized in various P-IMA reports, and exchange experiences and learning.

This is expected to result in:

  • new collaborative relationships to promote the use of P-IMA to strengthen SPS capacity and promote evidence-based decision making for the benefit of developing countries;
  • new information and knowledge products on experiences and learning related to the use of P-IMA to inform SPS related decision making for dissemination on the STDF website and via members; and 
  • additional resources to promote the use of evidence based SPS planning and decision-making processes.

More information is available in this concept note.


  1. First virtual meeting, 11 November 2020 - Summary report; 
  2. Second virtual meeting, 10 February 2021 - Summary report and meeting recordings;
  3. Third virtual meeting, 15 December 2021 - Summary report;


  1. Presentation held on 11 November 2020: STDF P-IMA Practitionner Group (Roshan Khan - STDF Secretariat);
  2. Presentation held on 10 February 2021: P-IMA Framework Masterclass (Spencer Henson - University of Guelph);
  3. Presentation held on 15 December 2021: P-IMA Main Learnings and Next Steps in East Africa (Isaac Gokah - AGRA);