vTPA Partnership Platform

The vTPA Partnership Platform, convened by UNIDO, aims to mobilize expertise and resources to support results under the STDF-funded regional vTPA projects in West Africa, East Africa and Central America.

The Platform connects interested public and private sector stakeholders with expertise on vTPA programmes. Meetings of the Platform take place online, approximately every three to four months. By promoting dialogue and sharing experiences, the Platform has identified opportunities for these members to engage with competent authorities, as well as food business operators and service providers in the project countries. 

Public and private sector members of the platform, who join voluntarily, commit to share financial and/or in-kind resources to contribute to the project's results. For instance, competent authorities from developed countries have shared their experiences in implementing the Codex Guidelines on vTPA programmes, while food industry partners (including BRCGS, FSSC 22000, GlobalG.A.P., IFS and others) have delivered webinars and/or in-country trainings in West Africa. These efforts are enriching the quality and delivery of activities carried out under the STDF regional projects, and supporting the development of new public-private partnerships.

Summary of Meeting, 5 October 2022

Summary of Meeting, 23 June 2022

Summary of Meeting, 23 Feb. 2022

Summary of Meeting, 15 Sep. 2021 

Summary of Meeting, 7 June 2021

For more information on the vTPA Partnership Platform, contact Natalia Fernandez-Cedi, L.FERNANDEZ-CEDI@unido.org