Improving animal health for trade at national and regional levels

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Improving animal health for trade at national and regional levels

The project held five training seminars for delegates of OIE developing Member Countries. The seminars looked at how to apply specific measures of the WTO SPS Agreement, strengthen surveillance of domestic and wild animal populations, and improve the timely detection and reporting of OIE-listed animal diseases.


Raising awareness of the SPS Agreement provisions and how the OIE operates in the field of safety of trade of animals and animal products supports developing countries to gain access to new markets. The project used a ‘Training for Trainers’ approach and developed an interactive tool box with teaching aides.


Following five regional seminars, held in Bamako, Bangkok, Cairo, Vienna and Bogotá, the project improved awareness levels and supported the practical day-to-day work of around 90 trainees from 43 countries. Survey respondents showed that the application of knowledge from the seminars significantly contributed to building their capacity to meet international standards and to better prevent and manage animal diseases. The benefits of the project were found to have continued after the training.

Given the changes in a country’s context and in veterinary personnel, ongoing regional and country-specific workshops can help trainers to facilitate needs assessments and use new frameworks and technologies. Follow up via e-learning platforms can engage trainees more frequently and at a lower cost. To promote specialization and regionalization among trainers, training can focus on subject-specific areas.

The OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of Veterinary Services (OIE PVS Tool) has since been developed, which helps countries to identify gaps in capacity and to comply with international standards.
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