STDF Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Practitioner Group

Based on the STDF Strategy for 2020-2024, the STDF identified Practitioner Groups on priority topics for safe trade as an opportunity to further develop its global partnership and expand its reach and resources.

The STDF PPPs Practitioner Group aims to support and improve the planning, delivery and dissemination of STDF's work on PPPs. The STDF Secretariat convenes members of this Group to benefit from their expertise, exchange experiences and learning, and promote innovations and synergies to expand PPPs that facilitate safe trade.

The STDF PPP Practitioner Group is expected to result in:

  • new collaborative relationships to promote the use of PPPs to strengthen SPS capacity and facilitate safe trade for the benefit of developing countries;
  • new information and knowledge products on experiences and learning related to the use of PPPs for dissemination on the STDF website and via members; and
  • additional resources promote the use of PPPs to build SPS capacity and facilitate safe trade.

More information is available in this concept note.

Meetings and Webinars 

PPP resources